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The best blend of green tea

We aim to make an impression on people, leave them smiling and bring them happiness with our food and hospitality.

nana's green tea dessert

A place for Japanese delicacies

We blend a variety of teas to make our original Matcha green tea using our flair for blending and techniques that date back to the Edo period.

We carefully select ingredients that are sourced from all over Japan.

Enjoy desserts in a teahouse

The design concept of nana’s green tea is “modern teahouse”.

Since long ago, people have styled teahouses creatively for their guests.

To pass down a spirit of hospitality, we develop a unique design concept for each restaurant that considers local history and culture.

Customers can relax in an exclusive space that has been imaginatively designed.

nana's green tea family photo


Nana's Green Tea is a modern Japanese cafe specializing in green teas and Japanese foods and desserts delivered in a modern fashion. We are a global matcha brand originating from Tokyo, Japan. We incorporate traditional Japanese ingredients such as matcha, azuki, warabimochi in new, creative ways of presentation. If you have never had matcha or never liked the matcha you have tried before, give us a chance to change your mind!    

Looking forward to serving you soon! 

nana's green tea

Original blend tea

We have perfected the art of blending tea over many years to make our original Matcha green tea.


A flair for blending, techniques that date back to the Edo period, and time and effort are the key to success.

Matcha green tea is like a green tea espresso “Japanese espresso”, a drink that represents Japanese food culture.


We are proud of the genuine flavor of our Matcha green tea, which is achieved through the great care taken by many, including tea farmers and the staff of our restaurants.

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